HR Marketings

HR Marketing offer you a wide range of services including real estate consultation services, marketing services, construction and development services as well as IT services under one roof. Our Real estate agents assist homeowners, businesses and investors in buying and selling of different types of properties including residential, commercial and industrial. Our agents will help you find buyers through either the Multiple Listing Service or their professional contacts. They will price your property and help you spruce it up so that it will look its best to customers. Furthermore, they will assist in negotiations with the buyer, helping you get the highest price possible.

Our Agents

Our agents can also guide you if you are aiming for purchasing a home. They know the local market. That means they can find a property that meets your tailored-fit demands. They will also compare prices to guide you to areas that are affordable. And last but not the least; they’ll negotiate for you, pointing out reasons why the seller should accept a lower price. Finally, HR Marketings will help with the legalities of the process, including title search, inspection and financing as well in a very transparent manner.