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Hamdard City

Hamdard City is our love for nature and passion for affordable living. We are here because we wanted to have control over WHAT WE PROMISE, WHAT WE DELIVER and most importantly WHEN WE DELIVER. Building a home is hard but choosing a perfect place to build your dream home is even harder. Especially, when there are too many look-alike housing projects, everyone pretending to be a unicorn. We don’t pretend to be the world’s biggest and smartest city. Because we are not. But we are an accessible, nature-surrounded, spacious community offering a perfect spot for your future home. And that too, for a highly affordable price.Hamdard City is coming up with the most unique and innovative solutions to address the social and domestic needs of residents. Providing them with the state of the art community centers.

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March 14th, 2016


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ThemeFusion Company

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