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Paradigm Heights

Paradigm Heights is coming up in Eiffel Tower commercial in Bahria Town, Phase-8, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Design concept of Paradigm Heights is based on two different styles. Its concept was developed in the form of fusion of French architectural elements and our purely Eastern elements. This fusion of two different styles will give this project a new dimension to commercial buildings in Bahria Town.

This project is one of its own in the whole Bahria Town with a provision of grounds plus five stories and a provision of lower ground in total seven story building.

M/S Paradigm Builders has the privilege of being the first leading private party with such a huge building in phase 7 and 8 in Bahria Town which contains:

Single-bed Apartments: Total of 48 with lounge, open kitchen & a balcony approx. of 550 square feet.

Offices: Total of 12 on first floor.

Lower Ground & Ground Floors: Best for Banks, Franchises, Brands, Boutiques, Restaurants etc.

It is a merger of three plots and size of the proposed building is 7,800 square feet (120 feet long and 65 feet wide).

This project will provide all major facilities of living.

Bahria Town is very much popular because of its service delivery, credibility & top of the line development all over Pakistan

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December 18th, 2015


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ThemeFusion Company

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